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  • Suzana Stankovic

A Moment of Triumph

Striking a pose in Paris, France 8/12/19; photo: Andy Altmann

We were crossing the street on our way to view the L'Arc de Triomphe (Arc of Triumph), the light was red, I struck this pose and my husband snapped it with his camera. I followed my instinct and didn't care if anyone was looking or judging.

One of the things I love about dance is that you, yourself are the material. You can create art wherever you are, in the most mundane or unexpected moments. You take your art with you wherever you go. You can transform the world around you. I find triumph in that. Triumph over the bland and ordinary because I can just bust a pose and suddenly feel so ALIVE. Triumph over material things, all of which can be taken away. You can't take my art. It lives in my flesh and bones. It is my very being.

What I've learned is that you can dance wherever you are, at any age and any place. There are no labels. There are no prerequisites. There are no limits. There is only the present moment and what you create within it.

Photo: Andy Altmann; Paris, France; 8/12/19

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