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Photographer: Rachel Neville



Private lessons are an invaluable investment in one's potential. They are customized to help the student achieve their goals, strengthen weaknesses and facilitate progress. Private lessons benefit students of all levels.

The studio's founder and director Suzana Stankovic offers private lessons in:

Classical ballet technique (children-adults, all levels)
Pas-de-Deux / Partner Work (all styles)
Ballet-based fitness (barre work)

Dance-based conditioning

Stretch & Tone
Coaching sessions for actors and dancers preparing for auditions and performances

The studio's director of music, Andy Altmann, offers private lessons in the following:

Guitar (children-adults, all levels)
Bass Beginner
Piano Beginner
Vocal Beginner
Music Reading, Music Theory, Ear training, Composition and Arrangement 

Sound Recording and Production:
Everything from capturing sound to mastering a song
Recording Software, DAWs, Plug-ins
How to build a home studio and record yourself


Our faculty members are available for private lessons as well.

Please e-mail to set up a private lesson. 

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