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Photographer: Stephen Delas Heras


Training the athlete. Nurturing the artist.

"Never underestimate the power of dreams and the influence of the human spirit. We are all the same in this notion: the potential for greatness lives within each of us."

- Wilma Rudolph



Elite training with a holistic approach

We are a boutique studio where you can explore, learn and grow.  Our community consists of individuals from all walks of life who are passionate about dance. We work very hard and we also have fun and laugh. Our classes are intimate and  supportive. We believe in surpassing our limits and inspiring others along the way.

Our dance program is shaped by the belief that dance is human; dance is natural; dance is life and freedom. 

Our holistic approach to dance instruction is inspired by the powerful mind-body connection and our respect for each student as a unique and whole individual.


We teach with integrity to world-class standards in a fresh and modern way. We believe in the inner dancer (thoughts, beliefs, emotions) as much as we do in the outer dancer (the physical body) and that harmony between the two sets the stage for great achievement. This holistic teaching style is owner/director Suzana Stankovic's signature teaching method developed from her own life as a dance-theatre artist and dance educator.

By training in this holistic way, we become world-class athletes, fierce artists and empowered human beings. No modern invention can ever give us these profound gifts earned with love and commitment.

If you've always wanted to learn to dance or you're a professional dancer seeking to reach your next level, our classes will challenge and inspire you toward new heights. With correct training and practice in an environment in which you feel supported and inspired, you can achieve your goals.

Suzana was featured in Dance Teacher Magazine for her teaching method. You can find the article here.


Our dance faculty consists of accomplished professionals who teach dance as a rich and profound art form. Our teachers have trained at renowned dance institutions and have active careers as dancers, choreographers and educators bringing real-world experience to the studio. We create positive learning environments, teach safe and correct dance technique, provide individual guidance and bring fresh knowledge and passion to every class.




Classes are taught in a professional, sun-lit dance studio with shock-absorbent floors, marley surface, dual-height ballet barres, full-length mirrors, modern sound system, climate control, ceiling fans and warm track lighting.




Our dance program consists of the core dance disciplines of concert dance training with a specialty in classical ballet. Additional dance styles are coming soon + specialty workshops, master classes and performance opportunities. Class size is limited to ensure real learning and growth.

Class Descriptions

Classical Ballet: An elegant and noble dance form with roots in the Baroque period and the royal courts of Italy and France. Classical ballet is considered the cornerstone of professional dance training and we teach primarily in the Vaganova (Russian) style along with elements of American ballet.  The study of classical ballet is rigorous building both physical and mental strength, turn-out in the hips (external rotation), whole-body alignment, flexibility, poise, virtuosic athleticism and beauty of form and line.

Classic Jazz: Jazz is a combination of ballet, contemporary, social, African and theatrical dance consisting of rhythmic moves, fancy footwork, big leaps and quick turns. Class focuses on building classic jazz technique from the bottom up with a focus on proper alignment and placement for turns, leaps, and transitional elements in the classic, theatrical style of Broadway musicals.

Modern Dance: Modern dance emerged in the late 1900's in opposition to classical ballet. It is a free-form, broad style consisting of grounded, organic movement; contraction and release in the upper body; circular, linear and jagged shapes. The class moves through technical elements inspired by the styles of the founding figures of modern dance-  Jose Limon, Lester Horton and Martha Graham. Modern dance is done barefoot and while there is a strong focus on technique, there is also great emphasis on improvisation and personal exploration. 

Pointe: Pointe is the height of classical ballet technique and artistry and is considered the most physically demanding style of dance. In pointe class we learn how to dance ‘en pointe’ in pointe shoes. This class consists of repetitive exercises to build strength and flexibility of the feet, ankles and core while maintaining correct whole-body alignment. A strong foundation in ballet technique and teacher approval are required for this class. It is also essential that students be properly fitted for pointe shoes by a professional fitter. We offer guidance for beginners regarding purchasing shoes etc..  

Class Levels

We are a boutique studio where you can explore, learn and grow. Our classes are intimate. Dancers of all levels are engaged and challenged.

Basic Beginner: No dance experience whatsoever is required. Step into the world of dance and learn the basics from the ground up one step at a time. Class pace is slow with detailed breakdown of content. 


Beginner: For individuals with little or no dance experience or for experienced individuals who wish to refine the basics. Beginner classes focus on the essential elements of correct technique and on building a solid technical foundation and a thorough understanding of the core principles. 

Advanced Beginner: For those who have a good grasp of the basics and knowledge of dance vocabulary. This class builds upon the basics and introduces intermediate vocabulary and steps. Correct technique is at the core of this class as you begin to move and express yourself in a fuller way. Class tempo is moderate.

Advanced Beginner-Intermediate: This class is best suited to those who have solid experience. This class moves at a faster pace than beginner level while maintaining a strong focus on the basics in more challenging contexts. Agility, intermediate vocabulary, musicality and aesthetic detail are developed in this class. Class tempo is moderate to fast.

Intermediate-Advanced: This class is for the highly trained and/or professional dancer. At this level we explore rapid transition, speed, dynamic musicality and intricate phrasing. Presentation, aesthetic detail and bold use of space are emphasized. Advanced vocabulary is explored as we take the basics to their ultimate and highest expression. Class tempo can be quite fast. 


Open - All levels: Basic movement experience is helpful; choreography adaptable to all levels; just bring an open mind and heart.



Wear comfortable, non-restrictive clothing that enables the teacher to see your form and alignment (including your feet and ankles). If you have appropriate dance shoes, wear them, otherwise socks are OK to start. Please secure long hair in a bun or twist and remove any large jewelry as it can be a hazard when you're in motion.

For weekly class schedule, click here.

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