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  • Suzana Stankovic

One of the biggest decisions...

One of the biggest decisions I had to make when I opened my studio was choosing a name. Every name I thought of just wasn't it. I was going in circles trying to decide between a bunch of names that just didn't excite me, so I changed my way of thinking.

Photo: Alexandros Giannakis

Instead of obsessing over the name, I began to focus on who would be in the studio? What kinds of people would be there and why? I always knew it would be individuals who love the performing arts but that just wasn't specific enough. Suddenly, the answer came to me in the most ordinary moment:


The studio would be a haven for wild heartists, a word I had never even heard before, but which captured it all! Yes, that was it. I loved it.

What is a wild heartist? Well, children are natural wild heartists. With adults, it's tricky.

An adult wild heartist has these characteristics:

- strong inner child

- creative

- brave

- focused

- rebellious

- independent thinker

- questions things

- trailblazer

- values self-growth and achievement more than material things

- works hard

- seeks new territory

- driven by love and passion

- lives life full out

My studio would serve and empower wild heartists of every age and walk of life. It would be their creative home.

Are you a wild heartist? I believe we all are. It's our intrinsic nature. We just have to drop the masks, fears, inhibitions and limiting beliefs and labels we've acquired as adults. Underneath it all is our wild and beautiful heart.

Sit with it for a moment. What are its dreams? What does it want you to know?

Say yes to your wild heart. Life is now.

~ Suzana Stankovic

wild heartist; owner/director, Wild Heart Performing Arts Studio, NYC

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